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velcro wall

Charlotte Event Rentals

Climb the Ladder
Try if you can to Climb the Ladder. Also known as Jacobs Ladder this inflatable is a challenging attraction that always draws a line of eager participants wanting to test their skills. Whether riders challenge themselves individually or turn it into a race, Climb the Ladder is a fun interactive for everyone to try over and over again.The Jacobs Ladder is a fun game for carnivals and festivals or large family gatherings that look to have a variety of attractions for guests to keep the fun moving. It is also a hit at fundraising events as it makes ticket sales a lot easier.

The Jacobs Ladder is just like the ladder game you see at the fair or amusement park. Try to climb your way to the top of the ladder keeping your weight balanced to reach the top before falling onto the soft, padded inflatable. This is a classic carnival type game that even adults can enjoy! Rent the Jacobs Ladder game for your next event!

24'L X 16'W X 10'H

PRICE: $375 4hrs / Extra Hrs - $20 ea.


bungee run

Three Lane Bungee Run
Strap in! This popular inflatable game is perfect for the thrill-seeker in all of us! Three participants compete side-by-side to see who can attach their velcro baton on the furthest mark. The bungee cord springs participants back to the inflatable wall making this ride just as much fun for the viewers as it is for the riders!

15' W x 7' H x 35' L

Please call for price!

velcro wall

Velcro Wall
The Velcro Sticky Wall is ideal for any backyard party or corporate event, and is sure to give guests an experience they will never forget. Jump and stick yourself to the giant velcro wall wearing our furnished Velcro Suits. Teens and adults can jump and stick on the wall in any direction they want. Includes 3 Velcro suits. Max 185pounds/person. It is sure to make for some good stories after the event! Call for Price!

20'L X 14'W X 12'H

Call for Price!


Jumpin Jacks takes the classic game of Twister to a whole new level as players once again learn to use their bodies as bendable playing pieces. The Twister inflatable game is an ideal attraction for any occasion, big or small. For kids or adults, this inflatable game will bring back nostalgic memories or induct new fans of this pretzel-like pastime. Be sure to add this Twister inflatable game to your next birthday party or event, it will definitely have your guests tied up in knots! The classic Twister game is an ideal size for any small venue, backyard or indoor party.

12'L x 11' W x 3' H

PRICE: $125



Gladiators ready!
Participants climb on top of their podium and attempt to strike, swat and nudge each other off with oversized, foam-padded fugal sticks. Your entire school will cheer for their favorite class or place your CEO against your Sales Manager at your next company picnic. This fun and competitive game is always a crowd pleaser. Giant inflatable mat comes with 2 joust podiums, 2 joust sticks, and two helmets.

18' W x 4' H x 26' L

Please call for price!


inflatable game

Human Wrecking Ball
The Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It's big, It's bold, and It's extreme! It's the Ultimate High Energy game. Up to (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the "Wrecking Ball" and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off their inflated pad. As the "Wrecking Ball" swings back, try and grab it! The last player standing is the champion.

27' W x 15' H x 27' L

Please call for price!


bouncy boxing

Bouncy Boxing
The Bouncy Boxing moonwalk combines the high-energy sport of boxing with fun-loving bouncing for one unbeatable game. Partners can spar or just enjoy some aerobic jumps while fans cheer them on! Designed with inflatable yellow "ropes" and oversized posts, this inflatable sits high on a platform, all for an authentic boxing ring look. The red, blue and yellow color combination fits into any theme, making the Bouncy Boxing moonwalk perfect for any occasion. This boxing-inspired moonwalk comes with boxing headgear, and offers a roomy jumping space ideal for any sized event.

19' W x 8' H x 19' L

Please call for price!


basketball game

Full Court Press
The Full Court Press is a large inflatable interactive basketball game! Players must score all their colored balls on the opponents side within 30 seconds to win. The action heats up when you have to clear your opponents balls, and can't shoot your own. Truly like real NBA full court press action, this game is fast and frenzied and lots of fun. Can also be used as standard basketball play.

16' L x 18' W x 18 H

Please call for price!


Soccer Game

Soccer Game
Bend it like Beckham. This sturdy soccer goal will challenge even the best players. It's wide enough for two to play, bringing out the competitive side of us all. Bright colors will liven up your carnival or fair, especially in combination with several more of our sports games!

Demensions: 20' x 8' x 10' Tall

PRICE: Call for Price


baseball game

Heavy Hitter
This brand new inflatable T-Ball game features a colorful digitally printed backdrop and adds a realistic feel with target holes in the back making you think you're at the game. This attraction is great for any event. It features a column of air which floats the t-ball in front of the batter and has a unique ball return.

16' L x 14' W x 14' H

Please call for price!


basketball game

All Stars Game
Check out this unique inflatable basketball game specially designed for all ages. The All Stars Game is a colorful and fun inflatable that uses mini basketballs. Partygoers will enjoy hours of fun shooting at this tough little game. Perfect for all types of parties and special events. Works especially well as a carnival booth, but very popular for sports themed backyard parties!

9.5' W x 9.5' L x 7.8' H

PRICE: $95 / $75 with moonbounce rental


inflatable sports game

Sports Galore Inflatable Game
The Sports Galore inflatable game is the ultimate in sports attractions. With six action-packed games to choose from, kids will stay interested and entertained. Boys and girls alike can test their skills in baseball, basketball and soccer or football, sticky darts or Frisbee. The tepee-like design of the unit allows for three games at once. Players can imagine they're on a real football field as they send a pass into the hands of one of three receivers. A realistic, oversized dart board teaches number skills and coordination. A fun, colorful Frisbee toss also gives point values and encourages friendly competition.

inflatable sports game

Price: $155


trikes game

Super Trikes
Watching participants race on  these giant trikes is hilarious.  Our sturdy Giant trikes offer large comfortable seats and handle up to 250 pounds.  They are safe and fun for all ages and are guaranteed to create laughter for everyone at your event.  If they can reach the pedal then they are ready to race. Three participants choose their Giant Trikes and race through the orange cones which are provided to the checkered flag.

PRICE: Call for Pricing


baseball pitch game

Fast Pitch
How fast can you pitch ??? This baseball speed pitching game challenges the player's accuracy and determines speed by radar and large LCD readouts so each player can see his speed in real time.This item is fabulous for festivals, school and church functions, business promotions, and even birthday parties.

PRICE: Call for Price


kiddie ride

Kiddie Pillar Crawl Through
The playful Kiddiepillar features beautifully shaped panels that come to life when inflated. Fun, colorful and exciting things await each child as they climb, slide, crawl and play inside this magical design.

53'L X 12'W X 14H

PRICE: 4hr $375 / Extra Hrs - $20 ea.

obstacle course

Jumpin Jack's Obstacle Challenge
Jumpin Jack's Obstacle Challenge offers 40 feet of challenge obstacle entertainment in one unit. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a larger journey through tunnels, around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with plenty of climbing and descending along the way! This sleek Obstacle Challenge provides a bright, yellow and red primary-colored theme and its arching design will attract attendees and keep them entertained.

40'L x 10'W x 13'H

PRICE: 2hr $355 / Extra Hrs - $20 ea.


dunk tank

Dunk Tanks
Dunk tanks never fail to put a smile on everyone's faces... Enjoy watching your favorite person, or worst enemy get what they deserve. Dunk tanks are so easy to use. Just add water!
Special Requirements & Tips

* Not for indoor use
* Need Clearance 5ftx5ft
* Waterhose must be within 50ft
* We do not provide the water, sorry.
* It takes about 30 minutes for the tank

PRICE: $250



If your location is without power you will need a generator to keep the equipment inflated.

PRICE: $75



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