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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer start and end times are used to gauge Jumpin Jacks deliveries & pickups. Typically the drivers arrive ½ hour or more before your start time to ensure setup by your start time. There are times when arrival will be much earlier depending on other customer’s start and end times. Drivers will call as they are on the way to deliver therefore accurate contact detail (more than one phone number) is essential.

How do I reserve a moonbounce?
You can call us directly at 704-708-4564 anytime, we would love to answer all of your questions. You can also visit our online reservation page.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
As soon as possible. This will insure the right time/date and moonbounce theme for your party. It is not unusual for Jumpin' Jacks to book weeks and even months in advance.

How much space is needed and what kind of power is required?
Approximately an 18' by 20' area or less will be sufficient, with an overhead clearance of 17'. The area should be free of dirt, rocks, sand and ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding. The unit should be within 75' of a power outlet. Please specify where the moonbounce will be setup so we can provide the appropriate anchors.

Who will setup and take down the moonbounce?
A trained Jumpin' Jacks attendant will deliver, setup and meet with the party host in person 30 minutes before the rental time begins.

What if it rains or is windy?
With safety in mind, Jumpin' Jacks reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to inclement weather, as does the renter. In case of cancellation, the deposit will be held towards the next scheduled rental.

Are moonbounces safe?
Absolutely, Jumpin' Jacks moonbounces are constructed with safety in mind. All of our units have the child safety ramp for safe entry and exit as well as mesh netting for easy viewing inside. A responsible adult must be "assigned" to supervise and ensure all children adhere to the recommended rules and guidelines.